Axel Balazsi is a contemporary artist. His work creates abstract narratives and issues related to sculpture, design and the art context. The work creates a narrative of how form follows function up to a point, and then the objects deviates from the function. Through picking peculiar everyday objects the artist reconceptualises their identity. The works reflect over how we transfer ideas into a material world. It becomes a game of seducing the viewer into deceiving distorted ideas. By doing this, the works create a form of riddle for the viewer, where the answer is not the obvious but yet is present within the work.

“In my work I am interested in how an object can be “unlocked” or set out for order – where the object is revealing all of its dimensions at the same time; its functionality, its information, its preconceptions, its construction and design. “ – Axel Balazsi

The artist has always been interested in how an object travels between these different contexts: from when it is produced, to when it is being sold in a store, to finally end up in your home and becomes a part of your everyday life.